Fields of Emotions (poetry and stories)

In August 2020, together with my cousin El and younger sister Kath, we launched Fields of Emotions (FoE) in an attempt to publish poetry we’ve written individually over the years. The site also serves as a poetry submission platform. For more details, read here.


Published in December 2017, this short guide represents what I was doing at that time to become a better human being. It’s not the answer to everything. But I’m hoping it will inspire people to take action. To read this guide, however, you have to be part of the Craftdeology mailing list. Check it out.

In July 2017, with the help of my cousin Victor and friend Myk, we launched Humans Unite. The goal is to provide content that promotes love, peace, & unity. Also share stories about people who are making a difference. Read more here.


Launched in March 2016, Craftdeology has been the document of my becoming. This is where I dump all my thoughts and make sense out of them through writing. Welcome to Craftdeology.


(Music stuff coming soon.)